Al Manar American

Key to Success



Our Vision

                Al Manar Language School American Section has the vision to educate our students to become successful and responsible professionals as well as constructive citizens with high morals and integrity. We wish to prepare our students not only to excel academically but also to become useful, caring members of the global world.  


Our Mission

                Al Manar Language School American Section embraces its mission as a respectable international institution to produce generations of capable students equipped with the personal academic criteria that will enable them to succeed in the school and universities of their choice. Our mission along with the other stakeholders, is to strive to enable the students to reach their optimal potential on both the educational and personal levels by creating an inspirational and challenging learning environment. Our pupils are encouraged to aspire to new horizons and eventually develop into functional contributive pillars of society and international community. 


Our Beliefs

                 The school believes in a curriculum that considers every student a unique individual who can achieve their maximum potential through high-quality education. What a human being can be is determined early in school. Life-long learning is central to excellence in career life.